Welcome. This site is no longer being updated! Vimrod's new home is lastlemon.com/vimrod


Vimrod was created in a stone house on Central Beach in Plettenberg Bay, South Africa in 2003. It started as stream-of-consciousness sketchbook thoughts, but soon took on a voice of its own. The cartoon is named after two Johannesburg primary school friends, Wim (pronounced Vim) and Rodney.

Vimrod exploded in the UK in 2004/5 (we were living in London at the time) with greetings cards being sold in the millions, soon followed by lots of other gift products, and a 14 title book deal with Harper Collins. Since then Vimrod has continued to grow, and has a strong presence in Australia, New Zealand and starting to make headway in the US (we now live in northern California).

In February 2012, the 8,000th Vimrod cartoon was made.

If you’d like a Vimrod cartoon on something, like a shirt or a mug or a mousemat or a key-ring, let us know, and we should be able to organize it.

- Ralph Lazar & Lisa Swerling (Marin County, California, 2013)

p.s. The historical archive of Vimrod images can been seen on flickr here.