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The average European gets 21 days of vacation each year and takes all of them, while Americans get about 15 days annually and only use about 13, according to New View Strategies. (mimagephotos/AdobeStock)
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Analysis: Deal with the weekend like a trip to spice up your well being and happiness

If the weekend cannot cut back your stress ranges or carry you happiness, behavioral scientists say you…

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7 suggestions for locating pleasure in operating from a happiness researcher

Jaime Kurtz usually counts her blessings, particularly when she runs. For instance, she is making ready for…

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Relaxation for happiness: Presence from head to toe

Scroll down for a transcript of this episode. Do this physique scan meditation to floor your thoughts…

3 pillars of a happy life
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3 pillars of a contented life

Supply: NeonShot/Shutterstock The pursuit of happiness is a query that has been contemplated in all ages, always,…

7 ways to spend time to increase your happiness
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7 methods to spend time to extend your happiness

The way you spend your moments is, in fact, the way you spend your life. Getty Happiness…

What is the key to happiness?  We look at the science behind it.
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What’s the key to happiness? We take a look at the science behind it.

Is there a key to happiness? That is one among humanity’s best questions, to which we nonetheless…

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She is a professor of happiness. Her classes assist her beat burnout

A a dental emergency was a wake-up name for Laura Santos. It wasn’t even her personal: certainly…