Drinking this cup of tea can be one of the best things you can do for your health

Consuming this cup of tea might be probably the greatest issues you are able to do on your well being

For these of you studying this whereas ingesting a cup of tea, I’ve excellent news, it might be probably the greatest stuff you do at present on your well being.

And I am not addressing this comment to those that drink unique natural kvass, I imply those that drink a regular cup of builder’s tea.

We do not have a tendency to think about an everyday cup as a well being meals, however whenever you have a look at the proof that tea has so many advantages, there is a sturdy argument that we should always.

The actual argument for this was a assessment of 96 research that confirmed that tea may probably profit 40 totally different areas of our well being, in keeping with the journal Molecular Vitamin & Meals Analysis in 2019.

The assessment authors from Sichuan College in China analyzed research of normal tea, by which I imply black, inexperienced, white (which comes from younger leaves and creates a pale brew) and oolong (which is someplace between inexperienced and black and is normally served with milk). .

The common-or-garden cup of tea: Tea drinkers even have a lowered threat of sure cancers, akin to lung most cancers, and advantages for bone well being and cognitive perform (file picture)
We do not have a tendency to think about an everyday cup as a wholesome meals, however whenever you have a look at the proof that tea has many advantages, there is a sturdy argument that we should always, says Dr Megan Rossi

All of them come from the identical tea plant, Camellia sinensis; the distinction is within the processing and the way lengthy they combine with the air.

After analyzing the info, the researchers concluded that consuming two to 3 cups a day is related to improved intestine well being and a lowered threat of coronary heart illness, stroke and sort 2 diabetes.

What’s extra, tea drinkers seem to have a lowered threat of sure cancers, akin to lung most cancers, and advantages for bone well being and cognitive perform (ie, mind energy).

The well being advantages of tea are as a consequence of its excessive content material of polyphenols, plant chemical compounds that our intestine micro organism break down into a variety of useful compounds which have an antioxidant impact within the physique. In different phrases, they shield our cells and tissues from put on and tear and take away probably dangerous substances circulating in our system.

Tea polyphenols are additionally thought to assist decrease dangerous ldl cholesterol by suppressing the quantity produced within the liver and growing the quantity excreted within the stool.

They’ve additionally been proven to stimulate the manufacturing of nitric oxide, which dilates blood vessels and helps scale back blood stress and the pressure on the guts.

If that wasn’t sufficient, in addition they shield towards irritation, which is understood to underlie not solely ailments like kind 2 diabetes, but in addition the indicators of ageing.

Though there are richer sources of polyphenols, tea accommodates round 100mg per 100ml, whereas blackcurrants, for instance, comprise round 750mg per 100g and hazelnuts 495mg per 100g of tea – a straightforward strategy to get a full, common consumption.


Every particular person cashew nut is grown on the top of a cashew apple, that means a chunk of fruit! The fruits are edible, however are normally used to make juices, jams and chutneys.

Cashews are a wonderful supply of gut-healthy plant compounds and antioxidants like vitamin C. Though native to South America, cashews at the moment are grown everywhere in the world.

And you do not even have to purchase costly tea to reap the advantages. Inexperienced tea is usually marketed as a more healthy cousin to our customary English breakfast. However each research exhibits that inexperienced tea is healthier, one other exhibits that black tea will not be a lot totally different.

For instance, the assessment I discussed earlier discovered that ingesting black tea was related to a lowered threat of dying from most cancers, however inexperienced tea was not (though six cups of inexperienced tea a day was related to a 21 p.c lowered threat of abdomen most cancers). Additionally it is attainable that different dietary habits performed a job.

Though black tea and inexperienced tea present the identical quantity of antioxidants, inexperienced tea accommodates much less caffeine. So for those who’re anxious or endure from complications (each of which might be exacerbated by caffeine), inexperienced is likely to be the most suitable choice.

Inexperienced tea can be greater in ltheanine, a chemical recognized to have a calming impact on the mind, however due to its caffeine content material, I would not advocate ingesting it earlier than mattress.

One draw back to any tea is that it accommodates tannin, a compound that, whereas having antioxidant properties, binds much less attractively to iron and makes it tougher to soak up. So, if you’re taking iron tablets or if you’re anemic, then drink the tea two hours earlier than or after a meal.

I swap to decaffeinated tea after 12pm as a result of in any other case I discover it will probably hold me awake, and later within the afternoon I swap to rooibos tea (also called purple bush) which is excessive in antioxidants, however naturally with out caffeine.

Another choice is natural tea. Strictly talking, they don’t seem to be tea in any respect, as they’re constituted of flowers, spices and roots, not tea leaves. Most are caffeine-free, however they do not present the identical antioxidant advantages as common tea.

And simply remember that some natural teas intervene with medicines (eg, ginger can skinny the blood and decrease blood sugar), so examine along with your pharmacist for those who plan to drink greater than a cup or so a day.

However what well being advantages can your favourite natural teas provide?


It has been linked to combating morning illness or nausea attributable to most cancers remedy, however research present you may want 4 cups of store-bought ginger tea to have an impact. You will get related advantages from one cup made with a teaspoon of grated contemporary ginger in scorching water.

You probably have a historical past of miscarriage, it’s best to keep away from massive quantities and at all times ask your physician in case you have any issues.


Containing antispasmodic compounds, peppermint has been proven to chill out the intestinal lining and launch trapped air, making it useful for these affected by irritable bowel syndrome, bloating or abdomen cramps.

However for individuals who are severely affected, I counsel a peppermint oil capsule moderately than the tea as you’re going to get the next dose.

You may make your personal tea with a couple of mint leaves in water.


Chamomile accommodates apigenin, an antioxidant that binds to sure receptors on mind cells, which in flip is believed to scale back insomnia.

One research discovered that postpartum girls who drank tea for 2 weeks (one cup per night) reported higher sleep than those that did not, the Journal of Superior Nursing reported in 2015.


There’s promising proof for the advantages of turmeric, or moderately the lively ingredient curcumin, for these with ulcerative colitis (irritation of the big gut). However many of the analysis on that is completed with excessive doses of curcumin in capsules.

Turmeric can even assist with menopausal scorching flashes, however let it settle down a bit, as a steaming glass will not work mid-hot.

Don’t drink scorching tea (strive to not exceed 50C). That is as a result of analysis (albeit restricted) has proven that very popular drinks could cause injury to cells within the esophagus, which might improve the possibility of most cancers.

However in any other case, take pleasure in. This soothing tea break can do you extra good than you suppose.

TRY: Golden Turmeric Latte

Busy day? This cozy cup of deliciousness may help quell stress-induced irritation within the physique. The added black pepper helps improve the absorption of the anti-inflammatory curcumin (present in turmeric).

Does 1

  • teaspoon of floor ginger
  • tsp cinnamon
  • tsp of turmeric
  • A small pinch of black pepper
  • 250 ml of milk to select from
  • Optionally available: tsp floor cardamom
  • Optionally available: 1 date, diced, or 1 teaspoon sweetener of your alternative

Mix all substances in a small saucepan and warmth gently over medium warmth, utilizing a whisk to continuously stir the spices into the milk and the again of a spoon to mash up the date items as they’re used.

Warmth for 5 minutes earlier than pouring right into a cup. Take pleasure in!

ASK Megan

After years of being informed I had acid reflux disorder, I used to be lastly identified with Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO) and placed on two weeks of antibiotics. It resolved my signs, however eight months later they got here again and I wanted extra antibiotics. I’m cautious with my food plan, not obese and want to management my SIBO with out antibiotics.

Monica Platt, Barnet, Hertfordshire.

Recurrence of SIBO is quite common, with 70 p.c of individuals having a recurrence after a course of antibiotics.

SIBO is the place micro organism from the big gut make their strategy to the small gut, the place they thrive, inflicting signs like bloating and ache.

Antibiotics deal with bacterial overgrowth, however not the underlying trigger. So the micro organism can creep again in once more.

A typical reason behind SIBO is issues with bowel motion, the place the traditional wave-like actions that clear meals (and any microbial development) down are extra erratic.

An indication of that is irregular bowel actions. Should you discover that your bowels are sluggish, handle this with low-intensity train akin to strolling; consuming extra fiber; ingesting water; and bowel therapeutic massage (gently stroking the stomach in a round movement. Google my June 28, 2022 column for step-by-step directions).

You may additionally wish to focus on prokinetics (medicines that promote bowel motion) along with your physician.

Contact Dr. Megan Rossi

E-mail drmegan@dailymail.co.uk or Good Well being, Each day Mail, 9 Derry Avenue, London, W8 5HY, and embrace contact particulars. Dr. Megan Rossi can not enter into private correspondence. Solutions ought to be given in a normal context; at all times seek the advice of a normal practitioner with well being issues

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