What is the key to happiness?  We look at the science behind it.

What’s the key to happiness? We take a look at the science behind it.

Is there a key to happiness? That is one among humanity’s best questions, to which we nonetheless have no idea the total reply. Whereas scientists are getting nearer to pinpointing sure elements that may enhance happiness, there are a number of explanation why discovering a common components shouldn’t be really easy.

Happiness is a posh phenomenon that’s troublesome to outline and measure objectively. Sam Johara (opens in a brand new tab), a psychotherapist at Brighton and Hove Psychotherapy within the UK, instructed Stay Science that happiness is normally related to emotions of pleasure, lightness and gratitude. Blissful folks usually have a optimistic outlook on their lives, each previous and current, regardless of damaging circumstances, and so they sit up for the longer term, she stated.

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